Forest is the Mother of Water Needs Research

S. M. Jalil

  • Page No: 028 - 028
  • Published online: 07 Mar 2017

  • Abstract

There is no water in the river, canal, pond, tank, ring well, during the dry months. Normally, people bears the concept that dredging of river bed and excavation of canal, pond tank ring-well may augment water to flow in. The ring well goes for excavation in order to harvest ground water. Plying ship or country boat in the river route, whatever may be the case, the dredging is the answer. All these are the general concept in our country. This may or may not be cost effective or is it a permanent or long term solution? Nobody has yet searched if there is any way other than to augment water flow in the river or to raise the ground water table!



Jalil SM. Forest is the Mother of Water Needs Research CBM [Internet]. 07Mar.2017[cited 8Feb.2022];1(1):028-028. Available from:

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