International Conference

The Third International Conference on Bioresource and Stress Management (ICBSM) focuses on the vulnerability of nature. Specifically it lays emphasis on the emerging issues related to agriculture, abiotic and biotic stress factors, ethnic knowledge, climate change and global warming, natural resources and their sustainable management. Our Mother Earth is a treasure-trove of resources which is the source of our life and livelihood. Biodiversity is bountiful, yet it is finite—non-renewable in nature. Continuous over-exploitation by human intervention since time immemorial has put the nature under pressure leading to unprecedented loss of biology and biodiversity. On the other hand, industrialization and modern civilization contributing to global climate change thereby global warming has made our planet earth not a safe place to live in. Side-by-side several abiotic stress factors such as drought, salinity, flood and excessive cold or heat as well as biotic factors like insect-pest and several diseases have made natural resources vulnerable day-by-day. Please visit our web site for upcoming conference  Click Here, For more updates join with us Facebook