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Socio-Economic Impact Assessment of Integrated Crop Management in Chilli Growing Areas in Telangana, India

Salla Sowjanya and R. Vijaya Kumari

  • Page No:  005 - 010
  • Published online: 28 Feb 2015

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  •  sowjanya.nsui@gmail.com

The present study was on Socio-economic impact assessment of integrated crop management in chilli growing areas, which was conducted in Warangal and Kammam districts, the major chilli producing areas in Telangana. For the study, 30 ICM, 30 IPM and 30 Non- IPM farmers were randomly selected from two districts. Education and farm size were positively related to the adoption of ICM or IPM practices, similarly, the area under chilli was also positively related with the total size of land holding. The cost of cultivation of ICM, IPM and Non IPM farmers in Gudepally village was  Rs. 259188.98, Rs. 249834.39 and Rs. 243611.11 hectare-1, respectively. Whereas the same in Damaracherla village was Rs. 237196.15, Rs. 233786.73 and ` 224430.04 respectively. The gross returns hectare-1 of chilli cultivation for ICM, IPM and Non-IPM farmers were Rs. 463145.24, Rs. 456886.11 and Rs. 318600 respectively in Gudepally village. Whereas, in case of Damaracherla village the same were ` 413472.22, ` 408100.00 and ` 342450.00 hectare-1, respectively. Return on investment for ICM, IPM and Non-IPM farmers were 1.79, 1.83 and 1.31 respectively in Gudepally village. While the same in case of Damaracherla village was 1.74, 1.75 and 1.53 respectively for ICM, IPM and Non-IPM farmers. The overall analysis of the study revealed a positive impact of adoption of ICM and IPM technologies in chilli cultivation in association with ITC. Development of suitable farm machinery and equipment and provision of the same to the needy farmers at affordable prices. The state agricultural department should take initiatives, extension activities and trainings for promotion of the ICM or IPM technologies.

Keywords :   ICM, IPM, Cost of cultivation, Returns, ROI 


Sowjanya S, Kumari RV. Socio-Economic Impact Assessment of Integrated Crop Management in Chilli Growing Areas in Telangana, India IJEP [Internet]. 28Feb.2015[cited 8Feb.2022];2(1):005-010. Available from: http://www.pphouse.org/ijep-article-details.php?art=11

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