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Anti-Diabetic Properties of Bitter Gourd

Shweta Sharma and Viveka Katoch

Shweta Sharma and Viveka Katoch

Published Online : 16 Feb 2020

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Suitability of Kitchen Waste Water in Agriculture

Mini Abraham, Kurien E. K., Bhindhu P. S and Gilsha Bai E. B.

Kitchen waste water, physico- chemical properties, okra

Published Online : 28 Nov 2018

Published Online : 30 Nov -0001

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Published Online : 05 Apr 2018

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Correlation of Seed and Seedling Characters with Yield of Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) Hybrids

S. S. Nichal, R. G. Chawhan, S. D. Tayade and R. D. Ratnaparkhi

Sunflower hybrid, correlation coefficient, seed and seedling character

Published Online : 28 Feb 2015