Phenomics for Abiotic Stress Tolerance - Challenges Ahead

Ratikanta Maiti and Pratik Satya

  • Page No:  I - IV
  • Published online: 07 Mar 2013

  • Abstract
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 In the next fifty years, planet earth is going to have a burden of 8-10 billion of human population, 25-50% more degraded land, additional 48.6% CO2 in atmosphere and a temperature increase by at least 2oC (Jaggard et al., 2010). The impact of such dramatic changes on plant ecology and crop cultivation system projects a frightening scenario in the next fifty to hundred years. A United Nations report has estimated that the climatic changes together can cause a fall in food production by 25%, resulting in more hunger, increased price of food and increasing possibilities of war over food. With a current rate of 10 ha minute-1 soil degradation and 23 ha minute-1 deforestation at global level as stated in UNCCD Secretariat Recommendations for Policymakers published in April, 2012,…..



Maiti R, Satya P.

Phenomics for Abiotic Stress Tolerance - Challenges Ahead IJBSM [Internet]. 07Mar.2013[cited 8Feb.2022];4(1):I-IV. Available from: http://www.pphouse.org/ijbsm-article-details.php?article=276

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