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Research Article

Willow Extract (Salix cortex), a Basic Substance of Agronomical Interests

M. G. Deniau, R. Bonafos, M. Chovelon, C-E. Parvaud, A. Furet, C. Bertrand and P. A. Marchand

Salix cortex, fungicide, plant growth regulator, biorational, basic substance

Published Online : 09 Sep 2019

Review Article

Astrologically Designed Medicinal Gardens of India

Maneesha S. R., P. Vidula, V. A. Ubarhande and E. B. Chakurkar

Vedic astrology, astral garden, celestial garden, zodiac garden

Published Online : 14 Apr 2021

Research Article

Bio-efficacy of Ready-mix Herbicide on Weed Flora and Productivity of Transplanted Rice 

Kalipada Pramanik, Maksud Hasan Shah, Rahul Kumar Gupta and Mayank Singhal

Transplanted rice, fenoxaprop+chlorimuron+pretilachlor, yield, weed complex

Published Online : 09 Apr 2020