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Review Article

Environmental Effects and Management Strategies of the Herbicides

Sayantani Basu and Y. Vasudeva Rao

Herbicides, persistency, dissipation, management practices, bioherbicides

Published Online : 07 Dec 2020

Research Article

Efficacy of Fungicides on Seed Mycoflora of Groundnut at Different Storage Periods

A. Srinivas, B. Pushpavathi, B. K. M. Lakshmi and V. Shashibushan

Fungicides, groundnut, seed mycoflora, storage periods

Published Online : 25 Jan 2023

Research Article

Bio-efficacy of Certain Insecticides Sequence on Cotton Sucking Pests and Pink Bollworm

B. Ram Prasad and D. Ashwini

Cotton, insecticides, pink bollworm, sucking pests 

Published Online : 31 Dec 2021