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International Journal of Economic Plants, a peer-reviewed international quarterly publication, focuses widely on original knowledge and research on the native plants for human use, social life and customs. It aims on recovery of ethnic knowledge related to biota, native wild and unutilized crop species; grossly not only to recover economic plants for various human and animal uses, but also suggest research lines. The area of the journal broadly covers on forestry and allied sciences and their utilities; wood anatomy, paper pulp, fibre and allied fibres, textile technology, medicinal plant chemistry, pharmacognosy, pharmacology, economic fungus, mushroom, vegetable and horticultural crops etc. It depicts the rich relationship between plants and people encompassing the potential utilities of plants in relevance to environmental and public health policies, inter-disciplinary research strategy globally.

Effects of Sowing Dates on Yield and Yield Components of Different Varieties of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) in Western Uttar Pradesh

Y. P. Singh, Satybhan Singh, V. K. Dhangrah and Tripuresh Mishra

Keywords : Growth, sowing dates, varieties, wheat, yield

DOI : HTTPS://DOI.ORG/10.23910/2/2021.0415h

  • Published Online : 13 Nov 2021
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Review Article

Fusarium Wilt of Cucumber- A Review

Deepika Sharma and Arti Shukla

Keywords : Bio-control agents, bio-formulations, cucumber wilt, germplasm, fungicides

DOI : HTTPS://DOI.ORG/10.23910/2/2021.0423

  • Published Online : 18 Nov 2020
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Status of Sandalwood (Santalum album Linn.) in Low Hills of Himachal Pradesh

Som Dutt, Kamal Sharma, Vivek Sharma and Varun Dhiman

Keywords : Basal area, essential oil, host, importance value index

DOI : HTTPS://DOI.ORG/10.23910/2/2021.0421

  • Published Online : 20 Nov 2021
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Effect of Different Bag Opening Methods of Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) on Growth Parameter, Yield and Benefit Cost Ratio

G. K. Upamanya, R. Brahma, R. Sarma, P. Sharma and K. Das

Keywords : Biological efficiency, oyster mushroom, pinhead 

DOI : HTTPS://DOI.ORG/10.23910/2/2021.0430a

  • Published Online : 22 Nov 2021
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Screening of South Indian Culinary Melon (Cucumis melo subsp. agrestis var. acidulus) Accessions for Downy Mildew Disease under Natural Epiphytotic Condition

Ratnakar M. Shet, A. Prashantha, P. S. Mahanthesh and K. S. Sankarappa

Keywords : Accessions, culinary melon, downy mildew, PDI, resistant breeding 

DOI : HTTPS://DOI.ORG/10.23910/2/2021.0429

  • Published Online : 22 Nov 2021
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Isolation and Screening of Lignocellulolytic Microorganisms from Different Locations of Dang (Gujarat) India

R. P. Bambharolia, Trupti K. Vyas and A. J. Deshmukh

Keywords : ABTS agar, cellulose, CMC agar, lignin

DOI : HTTPS://DOI.ORG/10.23910/2/2021.0434

  • Published Online : 23 Nov 2021
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