Review Article

Major Storage Rots of Apple: Occurrence and Distribution

Neelam Kumari, J. N. Sharma, Deepika Singh and Ashok K. Thakur

  • Page No:  046 - 052
  • Published online: 28 Feb 2018
  • DOI: HTTPS://DOI.ORG/10.23910/IJEP/2018.5.1.0239

  • Abstract

Apple is one of most important fruit species worldwide. The wastage of apple during storage is often very serious. It may be brought about by various forms of physiological breakdown which are not of parasitic origin, but much is caused by fungal invasion resulting into decay, deterioration and rots. A number of fungal pathogens invading apple fruits during picking, grading, packing, transit, storage and marketing have been reported from many countries.

Keywords :   Apple, fungal pathogens, rots


Kumari N, Sharma JN, Singh D, Thakur AK. Major Storage Rots of Apple: Occurrence and Distribution IJEP [Internet]. 28Feb.2018[cited 8Feb.2022];5(1):046-052. Available from:

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