Bioresources for Productivity Enhancement in Kutki, Picrorhiza kurooa Royle ex Benth

M. K. Thakur, Rajesh Chauhan and K. S. Pant

  • Page No:  482 - 486
  • Published online: 07 Dec 2013

  • Abstract

Picrorhiza kurroa is a highly valued high altitude medicinal plant used in both traditional as well as modern day’s system of medicines, the rootstock of which constitutes the drug. The plant figure among 37 identified top priority species for conservation and cultivation in Western Himalaya. Under present study, efforts have been made to enhance the productivity of Picrorhiza kurroa through application of different bioresources. Biofertilizers responded best when they were applied in combination with each other along with application of FYM or vermicompost. The study proved that the use of FYM or vermicompost either in combination with Azotobactor+PSB (B)+VAM or in combination with Azotobactor+PSB (F)+VAM was best for the optimum root yield. Root yield of as high as 400 kg ha-1 and 947 kg ha-1 was obtained for former while 392 and 939.20 kg ha-1 was observed for later for 2nd and 3rd year old plants respectively.

Keywords :   Picrorhiza kurroa, rootstock, root yield, biofertilizers

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