Management of Aphids (Aphis gossypii Glover and Aphis craccivora Koch) on Gherkins

M. Jyothsna, C. Narendra Reddy and D. Jagdishwar Reddy

  • Page No:  468 - 471
  • Published online: 07 Dec 2012

  • Abstract

The experiment was carried out during rabi, 2010-11 at Student’s Farm, College of Agriculture, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad wherein the efficacy of nine insecticides were evaluated against aphids on gherkin. Among all the chemicals, the reduction of Aphis gossypii population was more with thiacloprid at 120 g a.i. ha-1 (86.34%) fol­lowed by flubendiamide+thiacloprid at 48+48 g a.i. ha-1 (74.36%) and thiamethoxam at 31.25 g a.i. ha-1 (61.09%). Thiacloprid (120 g a.i. ha-1), flubendiamide+thiacloprid at 48+48 g a.i. ha-1 and lambdacyhalothrin+thiamethoxam at 15.625+31.25 g a.i. ha-1 were highly effective in controlling Aphis craccivora population to 72.25, 71.35 and 62.61%, respectively.

Keywords :   Gherkin, Aphis gossypii, Aphis craccivora


Jyothsna M, Reddy CN, Reddy DJ. Management of Aphids (Aphis gossypii Glover and Aphis craccivora Koch) on Gherkins IJBSM [Internet]. 07Dec.2012[cited 8Feb.2022];3(1):468-471. Available from:

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