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The Culture of the Highland Valley of MexicoI. Life Around the Popocatepetl, a Dangerous Volcano (to continue)

Ratikanta Maiti

Popocatepetl, volcano, highland, culture, puebla

Published Online : 07 Sep 2010

Plant Stress Management

Reaction of Some Wheat Varieties to Bipolaris sorokiniana 

L. Laila, F. M. Aminuzzaman, M. R. Islam and M. A. Islam 

Varietal reaction, Bipolaris sorokiniana, wheat, in vitro 

Published Online : 07 Dec 2010

Whole Plant Physiology

Photosynthesis and Photorespiration-II. C4 Plants: Advantages and Paradoxes

Marcel J. André

Rubisco evolution, stress resistance, light regulation, oxygenation capacity

Published Online : 07 Jun 2011

Reaction of Potato Varieties against Subterranean Pests

Lanunochetla, M. Alemla Ao and Pankaj Neog

Potato varieties, red ant, cutworm, wireworm, tuber damage

Published Online : 07 Mar 2012