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Popular Article

LiDAR Sensor: Applications in Agriculture

Udit Debangshi

Keywords : 3D Modelling, LiDAR, Phenomics, Sustainable, Urbanisation

  • Published Online : 05-Sep-2022
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Popular Article

White Maize (Zea mays L.): An Emerging Option for Crop Diversification and Nutritional Security

Ganapati Mukri, Chandu Singh, K. Bhojaraja Naik, V. R. Yalamalle and Subhash Babu

Keywords : Crop improvement, fodder maize, varieties, white maize, qpm

  • Published Online : 19-Sep-2022
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Popular Article

Basic Substances in Organic Agriculture: Current Status

Yann Orconneau, Alex Taylor and Patrice A. Marchand

Keywords : Basic substances, Biocontrol agents (BCA), biopesticides, crop protection, European Union (EU), organic production

  • Published Online : 20-Sep-2022
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Popular Article

Super Early Pigeonpea- Scope and Opportunities in India

M. Parimala Kumar, K. B. Suneetha devi, B. Balaji Naik, G. Jayasree, P. D. Sreekanth and C. V. Sameer kumar

Keywords : Cropping systems, inter crops, super early, photo and thermo insensitive

  • Published Online : 27-Sep-2022
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