Mathematical Advances Towards Sustainable Environmental Systems

James N. Furze 

  • Page No: 067 - 068
  • Published online: 07 Jun 2017

  • Abstract

‘Mathematical Advances Towards Sustainable Environmental Systems’, published by Springer International, linked with Earth Sciences is a particularly interesting multidisciplinary volume, which attempted to embrace the fastest moving areas pertinent to sustainable management of Earth systems. The volume presented an optimized subjective domain with different subjective perspectives in order that both qualitative and quantitative approaches complement each other to promote and expand research techniques, subjective areas and grouped progress across sustainability. As such the volume truly lives up to its objective of being of interest and relevance to multiple sectors of international communities at the individual community, research and policy level. The chapters of the volume are designed to be complementary to ensure a synergistic effect for knowledge expansion in sustainability. As well as quantitative subjective coverage, social research was also carried out within chapters of the volume in order to encourage true community involvement in the advancement of knowledge. Although there are of course other leading volumes on modelling or on social approaches of sustainability, in my opinion MATSES stands out as the strongest approach taken to advance the systems approach both within and between social and scientific systems to date. As a whole the volume is formidable which does not subtract from the individual contributions, which are particularly well written by international leading experts. Context is given by experts at opposite ends of the subjective spectrum covered within the book. Further to presenting a summary of the entire volume, the final chapter underlines the dynamic management of common resources required in sustainability through contrasting scientific and social case study approaches…….